what does your eye color say about your personality

What Does Your Eye Color Say About Your Personality?

“The eyes are the window to the soul.” — William Shakespeare

It turns out that there may be more to Shakespeare’s quote than meets the eye. Studies indicate that your eye color can say a lot about your personality. Whether you are quick-witted, confident, or fun-loving, your eye color may have something to do with it. Read on and find out what your eye color says about your personality.

The Science Between Your Eye Color and Personality

Eye Color

Your eyes are not just a reflection of your emotions. Based on a study conducted by Orebro University in Sweden, it was concluded that your genes contribute to the formation of your brain’s frontal lobes, which influence your eye color and the personality traits corresponding to each eye color.

What Does Your Eye Color Say About Your Personality?

#1. Light to Medium Brown Eyes


Compared to blue and green eyes, more people have brown eyes. In fact, it’s considered the world’s most prevalent eye color, with about 79% of the population sharing this brown shade. Despite having an ordinary eye color, their personalities are anything but boring.

People with brown eyes are assertive, confident, pleasant, and agreeable. One of their strongest traits is the ability to handle and manage conflict. They take the time to listen intently and openly before coming up with a decision or providing their own point of view.

Brown-eyed people blend in and stand out at the same time thanks to their personalities. They are easy-going and fun to be with. They also find it easier to make friends. People don’t find them intimidating at all.

Similar to their earthy eye color, they are grounded and believe there’s more to this world than material possessions. That’s why they are keen on investing in relationships and kindness. They go out of their way to help other people, especially those they care about. In addition, they are quite selfless. They are willing to make sacrifices for love and will prioritize others over themselves.

Despite their confidence, they struggle to express themselves and tend to keep their feelings to themselves. However, this doesn’t minimize the fact that brown-eyed people make excellent partners in life because they believe in being and doing good.

Based on an ongoing study by Georgia State University, they have a weakness to alcohol. They get drunk more quickly than others. The scientific explanation for this is the melanin that makes their eyes brown makes them more receptive to alcohol. This may be brown-eyed people’s most significant flaw.

Famous people with light to medium brown eyes: Johnny Depp, Jason Statham, Robert Downey Jr., Emma Watson, Natalie Portman.

#2. Dark Brown Eyes

Dark Brown

Dark brown eyes are highly pigmented. From afar or after a glance, many will easily mistake this eye color for black. People who have this eye color have more melanin than their light-to-medium counterparts.

Since they have more melanin in their irises, people with this eye color share the same personalities as those with light to medium brown eyes but to a greater extent. This means they are more confident and assertive. Most of the time, they assume leadership roles and are always ready to conquer challenges.

They don’t follow the crowd or join the bandwagon. They would rather be different, stand out, and showcase how unique they are. People will likely follow their lead.

Famous people with dark brown eyes: Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Keanu Reeves, Lea Michele.

#3. Hazel Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Image source: Pinterest

Considered one of the prettiest and unique eye colors, hazel is a combination of amber and brown irises. It is common for people with hazel eyes to hear that their eyes are green, amber, or even brown based on their surroundings.

Only around 5% of people share this eye color. The personalities of this group are also one-of-a-kind. If you have a greenish-brown eye color, you are known to value and enjoy your independence. You are not easy to read. You understand what your eye color really is, whether it is more green or brownish.

This eye color comes with an elegant but outgoing personality. You like to have fun and are always willing to try something new. Even with eyes that stand out, you prefer going with the flow and being part of the crowd. You love new things and quickly get tired of monotony.

People with hazel eyes can easily adapt to any situation and have a certain air of mystery that draws people to them. However, you’ll need to work on your temper as you are quick to anger and be disappointed. As a result, your relationships don’t last that long because of your outbursts, uncertainties, and trust issues.

Famous people with hazel eyes: Tyra Banks, Emma Roberts, Emma Roberts, Cory Monteith, Lance Bass.

#4. Green Eyes

Green Eyes

Many find women with green eyes sexy, creative, exotic, and seductive. Some would even call women with green eyes devious. When women are asked which eye color they prefer, many of them often say green. Green-eyed people are also commonly described as good-looking and strong.

Green eyes result from a perfect balance of melanin in the eyes. It’s a pigment people get from parents with brown and blue eyes. The traits of these people are similar to those of green-eyed folks.

If you have green eyes, you have the pleasant and friendly demeanor of brown-eyed people as well as the cautious and strong personalities of people with blue eyes. You are somewhat unpredictable and you live for those spur-of-the-moment situations. You are highly creative and resourceful. Plus, you have an impressive capability to get things done regardless of the circumstances.

Strong yet cautious, you are a breath of fresh air. You have an incredible passion for living life to the fullest, which makes you attractive to many. But one of your greatest flaws is your tendency to be envious. You quickly get jealous which can cloud your judgment from time to time.

Famous people with green eyes: Angelina Jolie, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Benicio Del Toro, Bruce Willis.

#5. Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Here’s an interesting tidbit: All blue-eyed people around the world (about 10% of the population) are related. They’ve been found to share common ancestors from about 10,000 years ago.

People with blue eyes are perceived to be delicate, shy, and soft. Still, your personality is the complete opposite because blue-eyed people are the strongest and most passionate. You tolerate pain better than folks with other eye colors and can thrive and emerge even stronger after being subjected to negativity and setbacks.

It is common for people with this eye color to be more in control of their emotions. They can handle and move on from criticisms with grace and renewed energy. Although they can be a little cautious, they always decide with a clear head.

Many assume blue-eyed people to be arrogant and egotistical. In reality, they draw strength from their inner selves and let others think what they want. They also like to maintain peace while possessing extraordinary perspectives in life.

Blue-eyed individuals make their relationships work so they have plenty of long and significant friendships as well as healthy romantic relationships. However, they must be careful. Due to their naturally inquisitive but aloof nature, people often misjudge them as snobby and indifferent.

Famous people with blue eyes: Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Zooey Deschanel, Nicole Kidman.

#6. Gray Eyes

Gray Eyes

Image source: Pinterest

Considered another variation of blue eyes, gray eyes are rare, with less than 1% of people sharing this eye color. If that’s not one-of-a-kind enough, this small percentage of people can either have dark gray or light gray eyes.

When it comes to personality traits, those with light gray eyes are more cautious. They tend to keep their guard up most of the time. They don’t readily let people in, but once they do, they completely open up while forming deep and meaningful bonds with others. Gray-eyed folks are also known to shower affection and love to people they love.

If you have dark gray eyes, your personality is a tad different because you are considered more balanced when it comes to character. This means that depending on the situation, you can be good or bad.

Gray-eyed folks find it challenging to trust easily. If you’re in a relationship with someone who has gray eyes, you need to prove yourself first. This is particularly true among people with dark gray eyes. Meanwhile, people with lighter eyes can become too serious, so much so that they have difficulty living in the moment and being carefree.

Famous people with gray eyes: Clint Eastwood, Pink, Heather Graham, Claire Danes, Jai Courtney.

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