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70 Stuffed Animal Names for Your Jungle of Soft Toys

You don’t get to name your stuffed toy every day, so it’s important to get it right the first time. In this guide, we present a list of 70 stuffed animal names, along with the toys they’re ideal for and their meaning. Keep reading to find out what name best suits your stuffed animal!

70 Stuffed Animal Names for Your Beloved Plushie

From cute and funny to popular and creative, we’ve got a variety of names to help you find inspiration for naming your soft toy:

Cute Stuffed Animal Names


1. Sweetie Pie: A fitting name for a beloved stuffed toy, it means “a kind and lovable being.”
2. Muffin: If you love these freshly baked treats, why not use them as inspiration for naming your stuffed toy? It’s a suitable name for cute toys with adorable features.
3. Droopy: This is the best name for a stuffed toy with a drooping mustache, ears, or sleepy expression.
4. Twinkles: It is a cute name for a stuffed animal that has elements of glitter or shiny accessories. You can also use it to be reminded of shimmering stars.
5. Pea: Meaning “bear” in Hawaiian, this is an excellent name for green-colored plushies. It’s also a good choice for someone who likes eating peas.
6. Little Blue: This is a cute way to refer to a small and blue soft toy. It is also the name of the smallest penguin species, so it’s great if you have a small penguin plushie.
7. Woofles: Woofles is a portmanteau for waffle and woof. It is a cute way to refer to a soft dog plushie and is perfect if you love waffles.
8. Buttercup: Meaning “yellow wildflower,” Buttercup is a great name for a little yellow stuffed toy. It is also the name of the stuffed unicorn in Toy Story 3 and 4.
9. Fluffy: Fluffy is a simple and cute name for a toy covered in soft fleece or feathers. It’s a great descriptor for something light, soft, and airy.
10. Sugar: What better way to name a beloved stuffed animal than using the name of the ingredient used in all sweet things?

Funny Stuffed Animal Names

11. Gruff: This name idea is inspired by the idiom “as gruff as a bear.” It’s a fun name for a stuffed bear but also works for other soft toys with grumpy expressions.
12. Hairy Barry: If your toy has lots of hair or fur, Hairy Barry is a very funny name for them.
13. Santa Claws: Do you love Christmas and have a stuffed animal toy with claws? Name it Santa Claws! The similar pronunciation will throw everyone off and keep them guessing.
14. Fuzzy Wuzzy: This name reflects the sloth’s furry appearance. Plushies with soft fur and fuzzy bodies are safe for your little one.
15. Marshmeowlow: This is a fun play on the words marshmallow and meow. It can make a great name for a stuffed animal that belongs to the cat family.
16. Longfellow: In Old English, Longfellow means a “tall one.” It is a funny way to call a stuffed giraffe or any other tall toy plushie.
17. Sherlock Bones: Sherlock Bones is a fun name for a stuffed dog plushie, especially if you love mysteries and consider your stuffed toy your partner in solving mysteries.
18. Teeny: Teeny can be a funny way to refer to a stuffed animal that’s bigger than all your other plushies.
19. Trumpet: If your stuffed toy is an elephant or has a loud sound feature, you can name it Trumpet.
20. Captain Cuddlebug: If cuddling with your favorite soft toy is your ideal way of spending a rainy day at home, this name is perfect for your soft companion.

Unique Stuffed Animal Names


21. Blossom: Blossom is a fitting name for a stuffed animal that appears to be lively and spirited. It can also be used for female stuffed toys or flower-inspired plushies.
22. Razzmatazz: With its unique pronunciation, Razzmatazz is sure to attract everyone’s attention. It’s unique, so you can rest assured not many stuffed toys will have this name.
23. Shimmer: If you have a soft toy with a glitter feature but don’t want to use names like shiny or sparkly, use Shimmer. It can also be used to name unicorn stuffed toys.
24. Onyx: Onyx is a type of black gemstone associated with strength. It is a good choice for soft toys with a muscular or brawny build.
25. Toes: This name doesn’t necessarily have any deep meaning; it just has a sense of playfulness and liveliness.
26. Rusty: Rusty is a unique name that can be used to name soft toys with a reddish-brown or chestnut-colored body.
27. Fancy: If your soft toy is unique with a decorative body and elaborate accessories, give it an appropriate name like Fancy!
28. Sneaks: If you consider your stuffed animal your number one confidant and partner, Sneaks is an ideal name. Its secretive and mysterious quality perfectly describes faithful sidekicks.
29. Jinx: A short and simple name, Jinx suits stuffed toys with a playful and mischievous aesthetic.
30. Pants: If you don’t like common names for your stuffed toys the same as others, Pants is a nice option. It is simple yet quirky and weird.

Male Stuffed Animal Names

31. Charlie: Charlie is a suitable name for your stuffed animal with a friendly face. It’s an approachable name that will make your soft toy attractive to other kids, too.
32. Fitz: Fitz is a boy’s name that can also mean “son.”
33. Tom: Meaning “twin” or “innocence” in Aramaic, Tom is a short, simple, and classic boy’s name.
34. Duke: If your soft toy is a boy with an air of royalty or elegance, Duke is a great choice to name it.
35. Jett: Associated with “jet black,” Jett is a unique boy’s name that refers to someone with an adventurous and bold personality.
36. Batman: Love Batman? Name your stuffed animal after your favorite superhero. It’s more fitting if your toy is also black.
37. Mr. Poppers: This name is inspired by the famous children’s book “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.”
38. Mickey: Although it is the name of the iconic cartoon character Mickey Mouse, it is gender-neutral.
39. Archibald: Do you like playing dress-up? Or do you have a stuffed toy that looks proud and snobbish? Why not give it a classy name like Archibald to fit its appearance?
40. Hunter: If your stuffed animal is based on an animal that lives in the wild, you can name it Hunter.

Female Stuffed Animal Names


41. Luna: Luna is associated with the moon and mystical things. It is also a common name for stuffed cats.
42. Poppy: This can be a name for any red stuffed toy.
43. Penny: Penny works for a female plushie or as an alliterative name for a stuffed penguin.
44. Rosie: A fitting name for a pink and rosy toy.
45. Fiona: Fiona, in Irish, means “white” or “fair.”
46. Raven: Raven works well for a female stuffed toy with deep black hair.
47. Ursula: Ursula means “female bear” in Latin. It is also the name of the iconic villain in Little Mermaid.
48. Elena: Got a stuffed elephant plushie with an adorably shy expression? Elena is a great alliterative name.
49. Coral: Coral suits an orange-hued toy or one that’s based on a sea animal.
50. Ruby: A classy name for a red stuffed toy.

Creative Stuffed Animal Names

51. Dash: A creative way to name a bunny plushie.
52. Baby Carrot: Do you love baby carrots? Use it as name inspiration.
53. Leon: Leon is a variation of “lion” and makes a great name for lion or cat plushies.
54. Feathers: An apt name for a stuffed bird toy.
55. Aqua: This is a fine choice for a stuffed toy that lives in the sea or has a blue color.
56. Pickles: Love pickles? Use it as inspiration for naming your green stuffed toy.
57. Frosty: The perfect name for a soft toy with a “frosty” or stern expression.
58. Firecracker: An ideal name for a toy that resembles a riot of red and orange.
59. Paws: Paws is a creative way to name a bear plushie with huge and decorative paws.
60. Funshine: This is the adorable name of one of the Care Bears.

Popular Stuffed Animal Names

61. Teddy: Although it’s not the most original idea, Teddy is one of the most popular names for stuffed animals resembling bears. It’s a classic for good reason!
62. Buddy: This name refers to a close friend, partner, or loyal companion. It’s also a popular way of addressing someone in a friendly way.
63. Coco: Coco is a name with a fancy feel. It’s a great choice for naming stuffed animals with a brown or chocolate-colored coat.
64. Pinky: A popular name used for naming pink soft toys.
65. Pancake: Show your love for pancakes by naming your favorite stuffed toy after it.
66. Winnie: Love Winnie the Pooh? Name your teddy bear after the iconic character.
67. Buttons: Buttons is a cute name for toys with too many buttons.
68. Honey: This is an endearing name for a stuffed toy that you hold close to your heart. It’s also a popular name for bear plushies, inspired by their love for honey.
69. Boo Boo: It is the name of the famous cartoon Yogi Bear’s companion.
70. Paddington: This is the name of the famous bear from the British children’s book and TV series.

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