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11 Classic Spanish Breakfast Foods That You Must Try

There’s breakfast, and then there’s Spanish breakfasts. You read that right. In Spain, there are two breakfasts (desayuno): one in the early morning; and another in mid-morning. What’s constant here is that their breakfast drink of choice is either coffee or fresh orange juice. Let’s discover what these breakfasts are and when they are eaten.

First Breakfast

Time taken: 07 : 00 – 09 : 00

The first breakfast is typically small and light. It can be the following:

1. Traditional Pastries


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The amazing thing about Spain is that their pastries vary across the region. You can have ensaimada (flaky pastry traditionally made with lard) from Mallorca or bizcocho (light sponge cake). They are also options like, croissants or level up and try croissant a la plancha, which is a grilled croissant with filling (ham and cheese) or served plain.

2. Coffee


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Spaniards typically have café con leche, which is espresso with steamed milk of equal amounts. Strong coffee such as café solo and cortado are also preferred.

Second Breakfast

Time taken: 10 : 00 – 11 : 00

By this time, Spaniards go to cafes and will opt for something such as:

1. Toasted Bread


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While this may sound plain, Spaniards toast their bread with olive oil and have a generous spread of tomatoes or you can further add cured ham. Even the bread is very specific. They will use la barra de pan (baguette), el Mollette (round flatbread), and el bollo (bread roll).

2. Churros Con Chocolate


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Fried dough pastry that you might have seen outside of Spain because of its popularity. Consider them as sugar-sprinkled Spanish donuts. A perfect indulgence when dipped in chocolate.

3. Magdalenas


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Citrusy muffins that are accompanied by the usual coffee, fresh orange juice, or milk. They’re quite a common breakfast item, so you can easily get your hands on these dainty muffins.

4. Tortilla de Patatas


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Spanish omelet with potatoes. They are served like a cake slice or cut into rectangular shapes. Either way, they are delicious and can be eaten with bread or used as a sandwich filling.

5. Bocadillos


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These are sandwiches using baguette-like bread that can be filled with ham, cheese, and tomatoes, depending on the region. In Madrid, for example, the bread is smaller and the sandwiches are called pulgas. In Catalonia, the bocadilos are made with ham and cheese.

6. Empanadas


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These half-moon pastries can be filled with cheeses, vegetables, meats, and seafood for the savory kind. For the less savory, you can find them stuffed with apples or plums. A very common Spanish food that can now be found throughout the day.

7. Frisulelos


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These are Spanish crepes that can be eaten with egg custard, whipped cream, or apples. Alternatively, you can also eat them with scrambled eggs.

8. Embutidos de Carne


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Cold cuts and sausages are served with bread pieces called picos. Suitable for those who prefer a non-sweet, but heavy breakfast. Spain has an excellent selection of cold cuts and sausages such as lomo (cured pork loin), chorizo (red sausage), salchichon (salami), and jamon (ham).

9. Torrijas


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Fried bread slices soaked in milk and spiced wine. You can sometimes find them spiced with cloves and lemon rind. They go well with café con leche.

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