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18 Party Games for Adults Sure to Keep Your Guests Laughing

Picking party games for children is rather easy. However, if you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your adult guests, you may run into a bit more of a challenge. The classics like charades tend to be seen as boring and basic now, so you have to liven it up a little.

These 18 party games are a mix of card games and exciting new party games that are fresh and fun. If you’re looking for entertaining party games for adults, these are sure to be a hit.

18 Party Games for Adults

1. Drop a Hint

In this game, it’s up to a chosen individual to guess a word based on hints. You can work together or break off into groups of at least four to see who can guess the best. The teammates can only give one-word hints.

Go down the line and keep giving one-word hints until the chosen teammate guesses. They only have one guess to get it right. Keep track of how many hints and how many correct guesses teams have to see who is the winner at the end.

2. Line ‘Em Up

Break up your party into teams with equal people. Then, everyone in a team has to stand in a line. Each person behind the first has a piece of paper and a marker placed on the back of the person in front of them.

The first person has their paper on a desk. Then, starting from the back, the person starts off drawing something. Based on what they feel on their back, the next person in line has to try and recreate it. It’s like a game of telephone, but with drawing.

3. Celebrity

Celebrity is a great game that changes a little every time you play it. Have each person write down the name of a celebrity on a piece of paper, preferably one that everyone knows. You have one person draw a card and try to get everyone to guess who they drew.

There are a few different ways to play. You can have everyone use words, but not the name of the celebrity, and no acting. Or, they can act out the celebrity charades-style with no words. Finally, for an extra-hard challenge, they can pick one word and one word only to describe the celebrity.

4. How Do You Doo

How do you doo is a song-guessing game. Everyone has to try and guess a song that is drawn out of a hat. The person can sing the song, but all the words have to be replaced by ‘doo.’ It sounds fairly easy, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. It gets even harder when people are trying to sing the song through laughter.

5. Psych

Psych is an app that everyone has to download. You input everyone’s name and then the app gets to work, asking questions about the users. Anonymously, everyone has to submit an answer. Together, people pick the funniest answer. It’s like a more personalized Cards Against Humanity.

6. Camera Hot Potato

Hot potato is outdated and rather boring until the end. Camera hot potato, however, is a fun twist that lets you keep memories of your night. Turn a timer on the camera and take turns passing it around. Use the regular mode, not selfie mode.

When someone gets the camera when the timer’s running down, they have to try and sneakily take a picture of someone, reset the timer, and pass the phone on.

7. Movie ID

You start by breaking into two teams. Each team starts by nominating a player to go and bid. The two nominated players will be given a movie title. Then they have to bid to see who thinks their team can guess the movie with the least number of words.

So, for example, Dumbo could be “Disney, elephant, circus, feather.” Or, if one player thinks their team can figure it out in fewer words, they can bid down. The catch is that each team has only one chance to guess.

8. Cups and Downs

Cups and downs is another game that starts rather simple but can get pretty chaotic with a competitive crowd. You can play indoors or outdoors, though it may be best to do it outdoors. You place a series of plastic cups on the ground, about half face up and half face down.

Divide your partygoers into two groups. One group is tasked with flipping all the cups up while another tries to flip them all down.

9. Sporcle

Sporcle is a rather easy game to set up and get started on. Pick a category. Then, in order, everyone must list things that fall into that category. When someone runs out of ideas, they’re out. The last person standing wins. Unless you want to add arguments to the challenge, it’s best to pick non-subjective lists, like books by a certain author, or things that are a certain color.

10. Don’t Say Yes

This is a game to start at the beginning of a party. Throughout the party, people aren’t allowed to say yes. However, everyone is trying to make other people say the word. Use stickers, bracelets, or clips to keep track of who said yes the least at the end of the night.

11. Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza

Did you grow up playing spoons? This is a version of that with a few more steps thrown in. You need the deck and a table big enough for everyone to sit at and reach the pile of cards in the middle. You all go around the table, flipping cards and saying a certain phrase until certain conditions are met. It’s hilarious fun and gets messy quickly.

12. Press Conference

Choose someone to hold a press conference. They get to be any celebrity, actor, or character of their choice, though preferably one everyone knows. They then have to act like that character and provide a speech. Everyone else gets to act as a reporter, asking questions to try and figure out who they are acting as.

13. Mystery Dinner

If you’re someone who likes to go above and beyond when it comes to planning events, a murder mystery party may be up your alley. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. There are murder mystery party kits to help you get started and give you an idea of what you need to do.

14. Mystery Word

This is a great game to start at the beginning of an evening. Everyone’s name goes into one pot, while another pot holds weird phrases. Everyone draws one card from each of these pots. Their goal for the rest of the evening is to talk to the person whose name they drew and try to slip the strange phrase into a conversation without being caught.

15. Think ‘N Sync

Think ‘N Sync is another card game you can buy online or in most stores. Each card has a category on it, such as “things kids do on a beach.” You and your teammates have to try and guess things in this category, but together. You get points for having the name idea.

16. Hot Ones

Have you seen the show Hot Ones? It usually involves a celebrity answering questions while progressively eating hotter and hotter sauces on wings. You can play with your friends as well. Get a few hot sauces with different levels of spiciness.

Have everyone eat the hot sauces until only one person can handle the heat. You can use chicken wings, crackers, or even celery sticks as the vehicle for your sauce.

17. I Did This

This is a fairly simple game. It works well for groups that don’t know each other very well. Everyone writes down something they did this year, such as a big trip or milestone in their life. Read a card out loud and see if everyone can guess who did it.

18. Saran Wrap Ball

This is a great one to do as a holiday game. Have everyone go and buy items ahead of time like lottery tickets, chocolates, gift cards, and other small gifts. Then, the party host will wrap them up in a ball. Try and wrap up only an item or two per layer of ball to make it challenging.

At the party, everyone will take turns unwrapping the ball. Make the person unwrapping wear oven mitts. The person to their right will roll two dice. When they get doubles, it’s now their turn. Keep going until everything is unwrapped.

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